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JobPlus is a renowned Singapore employment agency. A Singapore employment agency offers a comprehensive range of customised services that relate to the realm of employment. At JobPlus, we offer such services because it is within our area of expertise. We have run a Singapore employment agency for 15 years and running, from our establishment date

How to get a Singapore Employment Pass

To get a Singapore employment pass requires a cumbersome administrative procedure that can be highly difficult to go through. There are various requirements that must be adhered to, from the Ministry of Manpower, with strict eligibility criteria and complicated steps that must be taken. That is not all – after going through the entire process,

CorpPass To Replace SingPass For Online Transactions

With effect from December 2017, companies will require a Singapore Corporate Access Account (CorpPass) instead of SingPass when accessing Employment Pass Online or making business transactions on the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) online portals. This is part of the government’s efforts to protect personal and business information, so that accessing these e-government services are more

New Guidelines on Job Advertisements for Singapore Employment Pass Application

Job advertisement website Jobs Bank has merged with MySkillsFuture, a portal that focuses on career guidance and skills development for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Jobs Bank was an initiative set up in 2014 to provide a platform where employers can publish job advertisements that abide by labor market testing requirements for Singapore Employment Pass

4 Tips to Secure an Employment Pass

Many multi-national corporations and expatriates alike after often attracted to jumpstarting their business in Singapore for its world-class infrastructure and pro-business policies. As it gets more challenging to hire foreign talent with the recent rise in minimum salary requirement and more stringent regulations implemented by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), here are some tips to

Entrepass Pass : New Criteria for Entreprenuers

The Singapore government is revising the approving criteria for the EntrePass scheme – a work visa for foreign entrepreneurs to start high technology and innovative companies in Singapore. The new criteria added include entrepreneurial and investment track record, business network and key achievements in their areas of expertise. Under the current, applicants have to: have