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Foreign Manpower Recruitment Services

Foreign Manpower is a contentious matter in Singapore. The changing employment trends and landscape in Singapore may result in short term shortage of skilled manpower in Singapore. Foreign manpower may be required as local educational institutions train or re-train local Singaporeans to fill jobs brought by new industries or investments into Singapore.  Thus, foreign manpower either semi or highly skilled are required as a short term measure to supplement the growing demand for skilled workforce.

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Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Working

We are also focused in advising and assisting our local companies in selecting and recruiting suitably qualified manpower from various countries such as Malaysia, China, India, Bangladesh and Philippines. We select reliable overseas recruiting partners and work closely with them to implement our stringent recruiting and selecting criteria.

Our agency also keep abreast with the latest changes in rules and regulations implemented by our Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) with regard to the employment of foreign talents in Singapore. The most common source of foreign manpower are from Malaysia as historical links and easy access make them easily assimilated into the working environment in Singapore. It is estimated that there are more than 500,000 Malaysian working in Singapore right out of the total workforce of  less than 2 million.

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We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services including sourcing, pre-selection, interviews, documentation, re-location , accommodation and support services.

Foreign Manpower Source

Currently, we have a foreign manpower supply network covering countries including China, India, Malaysia, Philippine and Bangladesh. The various rules and criteria for the employment of foreign manpower can be found in this website Ministry of Manpower .

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Job Categories of Foreign Manpower

The categories of foreign manpower talents that can be recruited from our network of contacts include technicians, engineers, nurses, IT professionals, hospitality staff and more.

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Our Recruitment Process

Our foreign manpower recruitment process include:

  • Sourcing of talents from a wide network of countries across Asia
  • Pre-screening of candidates based on job requirements
  • Pre-selection, training and briefing of candidates
  • On and off site interviews with customized skill testing and evaluation
  • Pre-employment training on languages and skills
  • Application of work passes . Click here for more information about How To Apply Singapore Work Passes

Support Services

In addition to our recruitment agency services, we provide a comprehensive range of support services namely:

  • Departure and arrival documentation
  • Airport reception
  • Accommodation arrangement
  • Medical check-up arrangement
  • Work and lifestyle orientation
  • Follow-up services on work pass renewal, termination, repatriation and dispute resolution
  • On-site supervision, motivational talks, welfare and counseling