4 Tips to Secure an Employment Pass In Singapore – 2020

4 Tips to Secure an Employment Pass In Singapore – 2020

Many multi-national corporations (MNC) and expatriates alike after often attracted to jumpstarting their business in Singapore for its world-class infrastructure and pro-business policies. As it gets more challenging to hire foreign talent with the recent rise in minimum salary requirement and more stringent regulations implemented by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), here are some tips to increase your chance of securing an employment pass:

Correct designation

Selecting the appropriate designation for your candidate can increase the chance of approval when your application is being reviewed by MOM. It is important to accurately reflect the seniority of the candidate and not sell him short of his value to the company. For instance, ‘manager’ indicates a higher level of experience than ‘executive’.


References from prior employers or clients can be extremely useful in cases where the candidate is unable to provide a degree or relevant certifications. The more prominent the company, the more validated the candidate’s experience is. This is particular applicable to candidates who want to pursue a career in fields like digital marketing and social media.

Niche industry

It is easier to hire foreign talent in niche industries due to the fact that there are fewer people in the local workforce who possess the required experience and qualifications that is in demand. Examples of local occupations that are short of local expertise include analyst programmer, security consultants and software engineers, hence it comes with no surprise that tech-related startups tend to see faster approvals of Employment Pass.

Right work pass

While the Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass are among the two most popular work pass for foreign professionals, a Letter of Consent or a Business Visa might suffice and are easier to apply for. Employers here must carefully consider which is suitable for their candidate as MOM’s assessment criteria varies for different work passes.

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