Alternative Work Passes to Singapore Employment Pass – S Pass , Work Permit and Letter of Consent to Work

Alternative Work Passes to Singapore Employment Pass – S Pass , Work Permit and Letter of Consent to Work

In the situation where a foreign applicant is not eligible for the Singapore Employment Pass work visa, he or she can explore other forms of work passes to work in Singapore.

For example, foreigners may be able to qualify for S Pass work visa which requires a lower salary, academic qualification and skills criterions.

The S-Pass work visa is for mid-level skilled foreign employees from any country. Candidates need to earn at least SGD2,400 a month and meet the assessment criteria. The hiring companies are subjected to a quota of how many S-Pass work visa they can apply for depending on their local headcount numbers.

Monthly levies from SGD330 is also payable. Salary offered should reflect the length of work experience and academic qualification, higher salary requirements for candidates with more years of relevant work experience than fresh graduates or junior employees. Other than diplomas, technical certificates, such as courses for qualified technicians or specialists can be considered in the assessment for eligibility process.

These certifications should preferably include at least 1 year of full-time study. The relevance of the applicant’s work experience is also taken into account in the evaluation process as this is a skilled work pass.

Work Permits

Work Permits (WP) are work passes for foreign workers from approved source countries working in the construction, manufacturing, marine, process or services sector. The Work Permit visa is generally meant for lower skill or unskilled labour but can also be used for professionals as a form of work visa to work in Singapore. However, work permit availability for each employer is subject to quota and payment of monthly levies (about SGD300 to SGD800 per month) which can be prohibitive.

Another form of work pass available for foreigners is the Letter of Consent to work. This is a special work pass available to dependent pass and long-term visit pass holders. Dependent pass holders are residents of Singapore based on the spouse’s status as Employment Pass holders. Long term visit pass holders are residents of Singapore based on their marital status of being married to Singapore citizens. For dependent pass application, see here.

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