Step-By-Step Guide – How An Employer can apply for Singapore Employment Pass in 2020 for their Foreign Employee – (Including COVID-19 Requirements)

5 Steps To Obtain Singapore Employment Pass Step 1: Check Eligibility & Requirements  If you are a foreign specialists from overseas is required by a local employer for a job vacancy where suitable local candidate cannot be found, then the employer needs to show evidence that all efforts have been made to hire local staff.

Payroll Management in Singapore | Why Companies Should Outsource

Type of work involved in Payroll Management Service The payroll refers to a list of employees that are currently being hired and paid for their work by the relevant employer. However, when one speaks of “Payroll Management Service”, they most commonly refer to the administrative menial work involved in managing a company’s monthly payment towards its

Business Case for Payroll & Staff Outsourcing Service

With the advent of technology, companies are increasingly looking at ways particularly payroll outsourcing to leverage and improve their business efficiency and productivity. In the area of human resource management, outsourcing payroll is one activity which provides a clear benefit in human resource practices. Below are several reasons why companies should consider outsourcing their monthly payroll process. Increasing

4 Tips to Secure an Employment Pass In Singapore – 2020

Many multi-national corporations (MNC) and expatriates alike after often attracted to jumpstarting their business in Singapore for its world-class infrastructure and pro-business policies. As it gets more challenging to hire foreign talent with the recent rise in minimum salary requirement and more stringent regulations implemented by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), here are some tips

Alternative to Singapore Employment Pass – Personalised Employment Pass, S Pass or Letter of Consent

  <Singapore Employment Pass> In the situation where a foreign applicant is not eligible for the Singapore Employment Pass work visa, he or she can explore other forms of work passes to work in Singapore. For example, foreigners may be able to qualify for S Pass work visa which requires lower salary, less stringent academic

Singapore Local Workforce vs. Foreigners Employment Profile

Over the last several years, the Singaporean Labour Market has undergone a huge change in terms of gender employment rates, unemployment rates and the numbers and proportion of foreigners holding Singapore employment pass working in Singapore. The Singapore Labour Market is impacted due to economic and population challenges and evolving workforce needs.   Employment  

E2i – Comparison to Employment agencies in Singapore

The National Trade Union Congress Singapore established a body called e2i. It focuses and functions like private Employment agencies in Singapore such as JobPlus to assist local individuals through our career guidance, professional development and job matching services. E2i enhances and helps all Singaporeans particularly those working in manual and blue collar positions with job placement, job matching,