Career Advisory Service

Career Advisory Service

As a Recruitment and HR services agency, our team is constantly updated with dynamics of the evolving employment market and understand the trends in the various industries both in Singapore and overseas. Our team are in the most ideal position to provide career advisory to job seekers and professionals managers, executives and technical professionals (PMET) seeking mid career guidance or directions.

Below are some of our scope of service for Career Advisory Services:

  • Resume Writing
  • Job Search Guidance and Support
  • Career Counselling
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Development and Progression Journey
  • Work Life Balance

Outplacement Service 

Outplacement is the process of facilitating a terminated employees transition by providing company paid assistance. Outplacement Services help those through this challenge by dealing with the uncertainties about the future and helping them to re-enter the job market. It is an affirmative and humane approach to organizational change that allows everyone to emerge a winner. In most instances, there are actual savings in company finances, reputation, and business friendships as well as preservation of company morale and good will.

Outplacement is a successful strategy because it helps employees to:

  • Vent their feelings with an objective consultant rather than their own network.
  • Cope with feelings of shock, anger, loss and sadness leading to a lack of self worth.
  • Take practical steps to replace their income by finding a new career direction.
  • Raise their self-esteem by maintaining their focus on the future and shift it away from expensive lawsuits.

We provide experienced professionals with products and services that are specifically designed and targeted to their personal needs. Services include ways to manage the transition successfully through personal profiling testing to identify candidates’ unique skills and accomplishments, professional resume composition, market research techniques, networking, work search strategies, tips on effective and verbal communication, how to secure informational meetings, role play interviews and more ..

Our HR practitioners comprises of highly experienced HR consultants with specialist knowledge in various areas such as compensation and benefits survey, performance management evaluation, training needs analysis, and manpower planning etc. to undertake specific HR consultancy projects.

PlCareer Advisory Serviceease feel free to contact us for a free initial assessment with regard to the above service.

We do not guarantee that securing jobs is the outcome of our professional career or outplacement advisory service.

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