CorpPass To Replace SingPass For Online Transactions

CorpPass To Replace SingPass For Online Transactions

With effect from December 2017, companies will require a Singapore Corporate Access Account (CorpPass) instead of SingPass when accessing Employment Pass Online or making business transactions on the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) online portals. This is part of the government’s efforts to protect personal and business information, so that accessing these e-government services are more secure. This also enables companies to have more control over all e-transactions and assign various levels of access  to their employees.

This change will affect local entities registered with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) as well as foreign entities without a UEN but who transact with the government using Government-to-Business (G2B) digital services. Companies without a CorpPass will need to register here to be able to continue accessing MoM’s Employment Pass Online (EPOL) and Work Permit Online (WPOL) portals, which saves significant time when conducting employment pass related affairs. CorpPass is also necessary to carry out monthly CPF and annual payroll submissions. Registration is free and requires at least one to five business days to complete.

As an employer, you require a Registered Officer—a business owner, partner, director, board member or corporate secretarial—in your company, who can then appoint someone as a CorpPass Administrator on the CorpPass website. There can be a maximum of two administrators per company. Upon registration, the Local Registered Officer will then be notified that they have to approve this request. Once the account has been approved by the Local Registered Officer, the CorpPass Administrator may now create CorpPass accounts to have access to digital services. CorpPass Users will need to activate their account by setting up their CorpPass ID and password to complete transactions on behalf of their company.

Managed by Government Technology Agency, (GovTech), CorpPass is a digital identity launched in early 2017 to increase convenience, as well as enhance security and privacy. With the implementation of CorpPass, companies will no longer have to use the shared SingPass accounts of individuals and handle multiple logins when making corporate transactions such as making work permit applications. Previously, there have been cases of SingPass accounts being abused by illegal labour syndicates to process fraudulent work pass applications.


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