E2i – Comparison to Employment agencies in Singapore

E2i – Comparison to Employment agencies in Singapore

The National Trade Union Congress Singapore established a body called e2i. It focuses and functions like private Employment agencies in Singapore such as JobPlus to assist local individuals through our career guidance, professional development and job matching services. E2i enhances and helps all Singaporeans particularly those working in manual and blue collar positions with job placement, job matching, professional development and workplace advisory.

What is e2i for?

E2i supports the Singaporean workforce such as helping them through various employment coaching. Furthermore they strengthen the Employment and Employability of the locals in Singapore. The assistance should upgrade the capabilities and improve new skills to reach better jobs. Moreover there are several specific coaching’s for every skill sets. The programs at e2i are comparable to the private Employment agencies in Singapore because it serves the same purpose of matching job seekers with jobs.

Who is e2i working with?

E2i is working with six different groups of people to reach their ambitions:

  • Individuals: They are helping individuals, offering them career guidance and advisory such as giving them opportunities to improve their skills. It doesn’t matter which age, nationality, collar, job ranking, e2i is helping all kind of working people in Singapore.
  • Training Partners: They are developing training programmes in collaboration with them to offer it to the individuals.
  • Community Partners: They are creating an association between the residents and businesses.
  • Businesses: E2i is addressing manpower and training need to the companies such as delivering productivity solutions.
  • Government Agencies: They are improving the national manpower and capability of the local workers.
  • Labor Movement: They are crossing collaborations with unions, employers and LM communities.

How is e2i funded?

  • Institutional subsidies to offer jobs and facilitation of manpower development programmes to job seekers
  • Inclusive Growth Programme Grant to increase the efficiency of the low-wage workers
  • WorkPro grant funds should increase to get long-term unemployed back to work

→ All in all e2i is almost just based on subsidies and funds because it is controlled by the government.

How to get in contact with e2i?

There are two locations where e2i is based:

Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability

80 Jurong East St 21, Level 2

Singapore 609607

HDB Hub Bizthree

490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh

#07-11 (Lift Lobby 1)

Singapore 310490






To summarize everything e2i is a supporting program which tries to enhance the capabilities and opportunities of the Labor Market for unemployed locals in Singapore. Training support such as programs assists to reach the aim of it. Furthermore Employment agencies in Singapore are reaching the same aim of it as well.

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