New Challenges for an Expat’s Employment : Singapore Employment Pass

New Challenges for an Expat’s Employment : Singapore Employment Pass

Singapore has been a great place for people looking for opportunities. Being the hub of multinational companies for their South East Asian operations, the Singaporean population cannot keep up with the demand for professionals to fill the many different positions that these large companies offer. That is why, more and more foreigners and expats are being allowed entry to the city-state, to fill these positions to allow the companies to operate effectively with a Singapore employment pass. Sadly, the hiring of foreigners and expats took their toll on the locals, leaving more Singaporeans unemployed, as some of the jobs are taken by expats due to lack of suitable local candidates or various other reasons.

Singaporean Government Making Its Move

Because of the growing displeasure of locals, the Singaporean Government has made further  moves to protect its citizens’ job security. Their biggest measure yet is the introduction of new criterions for expats to get a Singapore Employment Pass (EP). Before, employees are assessed based on their academic standing, expertise, professional skills, and their salary. In the government’s move to make the screening of expat workers more effective, they are now assessed on what social and economic contributions they can give to Singapore and its’ citizens. It does not stop there though. Companies are also now evaluated to check on how much Singaporean citizens are hired to do their business operations. This move aims to put a balance between the number of Singaporean and expat workers in the companies’ workforce, giving better opportunities for locals to get hired. Moreover, the companies’ capabilities to pay for the salaries of the EP holders are also scrutinized. This move makes sure that employees, local or foreign, are getting the salary that they deserve.

Coping with the Challenges

Because of these new challenges, companies operating in the country must be more careful, not just in hiring people, but also with their overall balance in the head count of locals versus foreigners in their manpower numbers. To help them with these new challenges, they need a good partner to manage all of these requirements, and get them the right people, local or foreign for the important positions they are offering. JobPlus is one of the leading recruitment agency in Singapore, since its inception in 2003. For more than a decade, JobPlus have helped both job seekers and employers find the job, or employee they are looking for. JobPlus knows the Singapore’s human resource industry intimately, and therefore they will be able to help foreign employees prepare and increase their chances to obtain their Singapore employment pass and work pass expediently. At the same time employers are guided to make them compliant to the requirements set by the country’s Ministry of Manpower. JobPlus offers the most complete suite of services that our clients need. Only JobPlus can help you hire people, or get hired, minus the issues. So go and talk to us and let us help you get the job you need, or comply with all of the government’s requirements, now!

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