Factors Affecting Approval of Singapore Employment Pass in 2020

Factors Affecting Approval of Singapore Employment Pass in 2020

In Singapore, there is an abundant of job opportunities for Singaporean to pursue but not all jobs created can be filled with local candidates. Locals also perceive that many of these job opportunities are not fairly opened to them. Because of this, tougher criteria for eligibility for companies applying for a Singapore Employment Pass for their foreign candidates has been put in place by the Ministry of Manpower.

The following are some of the factors to consider when you’re applying for Singapore employment pass for your foreign employee in 2020:

Professional experience and education of the candidate.

One of the criteria to be able to acquire an employment pass is to have acceptable qualifications, such as good educational degrees and professional credentials. It’s better if a candidate has a degree but one who doesn’t yet has sufficient experience may still be convincing enough. A degree from a tertiary school in Singapore has a lot of weight to it.


A candidate who is worthy of a higher salary grade means he has substantial value to the employer and may indeed have a higher chance of being approved.  But a Singapore employment pass can’t be processed solely based on salary.  An application with a high salary grade but lack of commiserating experience and educational qualifications is more likely to be rejected.

Unique value of the candidate.

You have to be ready to demonstrate to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) the unique value that the company will be able to acquire from the candidate and why it’s not possible to find it from the local talent pool.


Singapore welcomes all candidates particularly in the sunrise sectors that the government has been trying to develop at present or those industries that don’t have sufficient number of trained candidates. You can find the strategic and skills-in-demand list on the Ministry of Manpower site. Similarly, it is challenging to acquire an employment pass for any foreign candidate in an industry where you can find a large pool of local talents.


Most often the nationality of the candidate has a role to play. It’s quite easier to acquire employment passes for highly qualified candidates who come from other countries that enjoy strong bilateral and economic ties with Singapore.

Company business plan.

It’s crucial for the company to show that it’s capable of generating sufficient revenue for its salaries and expenses in the future including supporting the cost of hiring foreign employees.

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