5 Steps – How to apply for Singapore Employment Pass

5 Steps – How to apply for Singapore Employment Pass

The following are 5 Steps To Obtain Singapore Employment Pass Application

Step 1: Have a job offer in Singapore

If you are a foreign specialists from overseas and want to apply for a job in Singapore, you first have to do some research for your job opportunities. Once you applied and the job interview with the Singaporean company is successful, the next step is to get a confirmed job offer from the organization. After that, it is necessary to make the Singapore Employment Pass Application. It is the highest level of work pass category and permits well educated professionals to work as residents in Singapore.

Step 2: Fulfil criteria for a Singapore Employment Pass Application


  • Should be as relevant to the employer’s business activity as far as possible
  • Ensure that the Ministry of Manpower has reflected your business activity and sector correctly.
  • Degree from a reputed university, a professional qualification or another specialised skill → Judgement on a case-by-case rating (national and worldwide rankings)
  • Salary depends on experience and qualification → higher salary requires for more experienced applicants
  • Minimum fixed monthly salary of more than SGD 3,600 → refers to fresh university graduates
  • Find the 3 types of categories under this pass type here


Step 3: Prepare your documents


  • Copy of the companies business profile and description of your job tasks of the employing company
  • Application Form 8
  • Authorisation Form
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of latest resume and Educational Certificates/Academic Qualifications
  • Copy of CV
  • References from prior employers


Step 4: Submit a Singapore Employment Pass Application online


An application can be done online only. Usually the application process can take between 2 to 4 weeks and longer up to 8 weeks if the authorities requires further backgrounds checks.

In addition to that, the employers submit directly or appoint an employment agency such as JobPlus to submit on their behalf.


Follow these 5 steps:

  1. Get a written consent from sponsoring employer (if an employment agency such as JobPlus assists you with the procedure)
  2. Log in to EP Online, upload the necessary documents
  3. Check status online after 3 weeks
  4. If pass is excepted, log in to EP Online and print your in-principle approval letter (IPA)


Step 5: How to get your EP activated


singapore employment pass application

Upon in-principle approval, the Singapore Employment Pass is ready to be activated within 6 month.

Therefore the applicant needs to be in Singapore before the pass can be activated/issued.

Once activated, the applicant can make an appointment and go to the Ministry of Manpower with:

  • Original passport
  • Appointment letter
  • Notification letter
  • Other documents listed in your IPA letter


You might need to bring:

  • Copy of immigration white card
  • Medical examination form/health declaration form
  • Declaration form together with in-principle approval letter (IPA)

Moreover you have to pay another SGD 150 for the issuance of the employment pass card and multiple entry visa.


Further advantages of a Singapore Employment Pass:


  • Pass holders are able to sponsor their spouses and children for dependent passes to live/work in Singapore
  • The approval period is typically 2 years but renewable prior to expiry
  • You can enjoy easy immigration procedures when travelling in and out of Singapore
  • EP holders may apply to get a Permanent Resident status
  • Be able to start your own company
  • If EP holders wish to change an employer during the term of his or her EP, a fresh application is required and this will be subject to rules and criteria at the point of application.


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