Keeping Up in Singapore’s Job Market: Singapore Employment Pass

Keeping Up in Singapore’s Job Market: Singapore Employment Pass

Singapore has been a haven both for people who are seeking better job opportunities, and companies that want to have a hub for their regional operations in the South East Asian region with the help of a Singapore employment pass. However, this also meant the influx of foreigners working in the country. While it may be helpful for the country’s economy, this has also left some of the locals scrambling to find jobs in their own country that foreigners may have taken. This proved to be real challenge for the government in trying to balance their economic interests and the security of its very citizens’ jobs.

Protecting Singaporean Jobs

While the help of foreign talent in the Singaporean economy cannot be discounted, it must also be said that some of the companies’ preference over foreign skilled workers have left Singaporeans with no jobs in their own country. Currently, Singapore’s unemployment rate stands at 2.2 percent, still the highest since it went up in December 2010. With more foreigners seeking job opportunities in Singapore, locals were either not being hired by companies, or are being laid off. This has resulted in the government facing some serious issues, forcing them to address these the soonest.

Measures To Protect Every Singaporean’s Job Security

The government, in its bid to seriously address employment issues in the country, have devised new initiatives to make it not just harder for foreigners to come in and take local jobs. The measures ensure that foreign workers make greater economic contributions for the country. From being screened for their skills, experience, and academic qualifications, it is now being determined how these foreign workers can help the country’s economic prospects and helping locals find jobs. While this not effectively bars foreigners to seek employment in Singapore, it levels the playing field for locals in competing for jobs in their own country.

How JobPlus Can Help?

Being experts in human resources (HR) issues, for almost two decades, JobPlus can help both jobseekers, local or foreign, to find jobs even within the constraints of these new regulations. Employers can also get assistance with up to date HR advice on how to meet the new requirements of the government at the same time keeping their workforces healthy and productive. We have studied these new regulations and have found ways on how we can help foreign jobseekers still get their opportunity to work in Singapore through Singapore Employment Pass and relevant work passes. For locals, we are giving them a level playing field to compete well with their foreign counterparts. Organizations, on the other hand, can get valuable advice in hiring a good balance of both locals and foreigners, as well as understand and meet the new government regulations for human resource issues. As a Singapore recruitment agency and human resource solution partners, we can help employer resolve issue regarding the application and approval of Singapore Employment Pass.

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