A Leading Singapore Employment Agency – Established Since 2003

A Leading Singapore Employment Agency – Established Since 2003

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JobPlus is a renowned Singapore employment agency. The company offers a comprehensive range of customised human resource services that relate to the realm of employment. At JobPlus, we offer such services because it is within our area of expertise. We have run a Singapore employment agency for 15 years and running, from our establishment date of 2003. Given this, we are well-equipped to service our clients within this field and have experience with any relevant obstacles that our clients may be facing.

They may face challenges within the processes of trying to find employment, trying to find employees, or going through the administrative paperwork required to complete the employment process. If you are looking for a Singapore employment agency for all your employment-related needs, then look no further as we at JobPlus are an extensively-experienced Singapore employment agency with a proven record of accomplishment, and as such constitute an established key player within the employment industry.

Within the recruitment services we provide as a Singapore employment agency, a key area of expertise of ours is that regarding Singapore employment pass and work pass applications. Given that this is often an extremely arduous process to undergo, especially for one who has not done so before, many of our clients find this an invaluable service that serves to save them a vast quantity of time.

Given our previous work in this field, we are equipped to advise you on the best, fastest and most effortless way to obtain the relevant passes for your foreign employees. Among the other services that we offer, our employment and work pass application service covers the four various passes as follows.

First, the Singapore Employment Pass, enabling professionals, executives, and higher-skilled workers to work in Singapore. Note, however, that these passes encompass an eligibility criterion of a salary of at least S$3,600 per month to be able to obtain such a pass.

Second, a Work Permit, geared towards those that do not meet the criteria as above – this pass is tailored towards lower-skilled workers, as it lacks a minimum salary criterion. Third, the S Pass serves as a middle ground between the two, tailored towards semi-skilled workers who are to earn at least S$2,200 per month.

Note, however, that these numeric are not set in stone, and may scale upwards depending on the application candidate’s prior work experience. Finally, we also extend our services towards the application of Dependent Passes, allowing the family members of the Singapore Employment Pass or S Pass holder to stay in Singapore.

You can find more information at this dedicated website www.singaporeemploymentpass.sg

We strive to provide our clients a comprehensive, meticulous, and hassle-free service at a reasonable price. Having done so countless times for our other customers, our services as a Singapore employment agency have proven to be of a sufficient level of quality. Should you need related services, feel free to contact us at +65 6733 9388.

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