What To Look For In Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

What To Look For In Recruitment Agencies in Singapore

There are many recruitment agencies in Singapore that offer quality services in providing various companies with the manpower that is needed in order to fulfill a broad variety of job roles in these companies. The advantage of going to a recruitment agency instead of the company doing recruitment on its own is that much time and cost can be saved. Also, these agencies have the expertise and knowledge to streamline candidates and pick the best out of the best.

However, rather than just going to any recruitment agency, it is best to consider a few things so that the company can find what it’s actually looking for.

Specialisation of the recruitment agency

If the company is looking for people to fill general positions (e.g. to do admin work), then it should be fine. However, depending on the industry your company is in and how specialised the company’s job roles are, you may want to pick a suitable recruitment agency that is able to cater to your needs and requirements.

Thus, it would be better for the company to first survey and find out how specialised the agency is when it comes to finding candidates with suitable skills. In this aspect, knowing the criteria set by the agency and how the recruitment process is done is important to ensure that you end up getting the right person for the job.

The candidate pool of the recruitment agencies in Singapore

Another thing you might want to look out for is the number of candidates the agency usually recruits. If the agency has a large pool of candidates available, then there would be a higher chance of finding a match between the candidate and what you are looking for. The size of the agency’s candidate pool would also indicate how well of a network it has established.

In addition, you could also ask the agency about how they streamline their candidates and what their success rate is for making long-term successful placements among other relevant questions.

Other things to look out for

The company should also look to see how reputable the agency is. Here, you could look at their portfolio which would indicate the clients the agency has previously worked with and how well-known these other clients are. With that, you can roughly gauge how successful and reliable the recruitment agency is.


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