New Guidelines on Job Advertisements for Singapore Employment Pass Application

New Guidelines on Job Advertisements for Singapore Employment Pass Application

Job advertisement website JobsBank has merged with MySkillsFuture, a portal that focuses on career guidance and skills development for Singapore citizens and permanent residents. JobsBank was an initiative set up in 2014 by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and Workforce Development Authority to provide a platform where employers can publish job advertisements that abide by labor market testing requirements for Singapore Employment Pass applications. It is also part of the government’s broader effort to bolster local employment in the workforce.

Effective from 2 October 2017 with the advent of this merger, changes in the guidelines for posting a job advertisements now include the following criteria:

  • While the posting duration requirement remains, employers can now make amends to job advertisements (e.g. occupation or salary change). However the revised advertisement must run for a duration of at least 14 days after the change is made, after which a Singapore Employment Pass application can be submitted as per normal
  • The salary range cannot be hidden and must be identifiable and stated clearly to job seekers
  • Employers must consider all Singaporean candidates fairly according to tripartite guidelines on fair employment practices

Singapore Employment Pass

For now, these new guidelines are, however, only applicable to companies with at least 25 employees.

All data/information, including company profiles, job postings and job applications will be transferred to MySkillsFuture, thus reducing the impact on business. This means that companies that have previously registered with JobsBank will be able to start using the new portal immediately.

While no immediate action has to be taken, we recommend that employers anticipate the authorities’ meticulous review of future job postings and be mindful of the new rules being enforced, especially when it comes to changes made to fair employment practices and consideration for Singaporean job seekers and the inclusion of salary information. All future employment pass application approval process will consider whether employers have appropriately follow the above guidelines.



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