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Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) Service is another way to describe our contract staff management and outsourcing service. This service is commonly requested by clients that require our service to hire and place an employee either a local or foreign expatriates on our payroll for a specific duration of time. We act as co-employer and employer of record for employment contract, tax compliance, employee engagement /management , payroll and statutory contributions compliances

In Singapore, the scope of PEO /EOR service are as follows :

Additionally, we provide complementary and value added HR advisory and consultancy service in the following areas:

  • HR advisory services on Singapore’s employment laws, local HR practices and compliance, compensation and benefits management;
  • Advisory on local and foreign manpower hiring strategies and foreign staff quota including application, renewal and termination of employment and work passes;
  • Onboarding new hires, disciplinary and termination management for departing or offboarding employees;
  • Local employment compliance matters on fair employment practices, government job portal advertisements compliance, retrenchment, disciplinary, fair termination practices;
  • Consultancy on hiring strategies for new recruits to ensure compliance with fair employment practices and local regulations;
  • Training and development analysis and needs of outsourced contract employees.

PEO & EOR Service

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