Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency in Singapore

Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency in Singapore


Recruitment Agency is a useful resource as part of your job search strategy. Here are reasons why!

A recruitment agency helps job seekers find employment, while also helping a company find the perfect person for the job they are advertising.
Recruitment agencies in their specialist markets are able to give hiring team the market insight. They know the best available talent, where they are, and how to reach out to these candidates. They understands the salary rate, career expectation and available skill-set and current hiring complexities.

Recruitment agencies have access to a wider variety of opportunities. Recruitment agencies have many network. Each of their consultant will have their own candidate, clients or collaborator that can help connect job seeker with recruiter with a range of skills and experiences. Recruitment agencies would also advertises job opportunities to different media channel which is able to reach to more candidates. These are not only time consuming and costly.

Recruitment agencies also help in the recruitment process from sorting through large number of CVs, interviewing, screening and reference checks. This entire process is timing consuming. Recruitment agencies would use employee assessment tools to select the best and suitable candidates for each job positions. By using recruitment agencies, recruiter would have a peace of mind that the person interviewed has passed the necessary checks and would be the best possible candidate for hiring.

As for the job seeker, recruitment agencies offers support and advice on improving your resume and interview techniques. To get you a head start, consultants can provide you with more insight of the company, jobs, interview, culture and many more. Recruitment agencies are also able to provide you with many job opportunities without a single cost. For Job Listings, you can go to JobPlus – Job Listings

Here’s a List of Recruitment Agencies In SIngapore

recruitment agency

recruitment agency

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  • Posted March 28, 2016

    Jeremy Smithfield

    Using a recruitment agency is always a very wise decision. If you are working in a foreign country they can provide the direction and guidance you need to succeed in that area. They have the resources and professionals available to assist you in any way necessary. I have found the greatest success from using an agency to get my foot in the door and begin getting meaningful experience.
    Professional Recruiters

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