Employment Agencies in Singapore: From Recruiting Talents To Managing Them

Employment Agencies in Singapore: From Recruiting Talents To Managing Them

Head hunting has become one of the most challenging tasks that companies face in getting talents over to work with them and help them grow their business. Where do I tap into the talent market and fish out the best among the rest? It would be a long wait if one should expect these people to come knocking on your door, and it would be a tedious job to go through all the job seeking advertisements to look for the people that you want to be working for you, and that for sure, you would need some professional help from an employment agency in Singapore.

Consult A Professional Employment Agency in Singapore

Here at Job Plus, an employment agency in Singapore,  we are a dedicated team of specialist talent recruitment consultants ready to help you get the brains and skills that you need for your company. Our main job is to help you seek out those who are interested in working with you and then help you conduct interviews that are specific and profession oriented to filter through those applicants. Apart from that, we also do local staffing, where we would assist you in securing their contract and permanent placings, and international staffing where we provide help in processing their employment pass and work pass applications in Singapore.

How about managing these talents in the company? We understand that there are times where the employers are unable to keep a lot of permanent staff in their office at times of bad economy, especially staff that do not directly contribute towards sales in the business. You would need temporary management staff on human resources operations to keep your system lean and efficient. There is no need to be worried that you are unable to keep up with the latest employment regulations set down by the government, for we are the employment agency in Singapore that you can rely on too.

As a top employment agency in Singapore, we have been in this running business for more than 10 years, serving various large and small companies in Singapore. Our team of consultants are licensed with the Ministry of Manpower and we are always up to date with the latest laws and regulations to ensure that our services are always relevant and accurate. Is there anything that you would like to enquire about bringing talent for your business? Contact our employment agency located at Manhattan House Singapore today!


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