The Responsibilities of Employment Agencies

The Responsibilities of Employment Agencies

Employment agencies in Singapore bring in a couple of advantages both for employers and jobseekers. Because of today’s tight competition in the job market, it is only necessary for these advantages to be put into maximum use. Usually, people think that such employment agencies cater primarily to the demands of the jobseekers. In fact, it is the employers that pay for such employment agencies to render the services they offer. This happens when the employers look for employment agencies to seek out employees who are willing to fill out the positions that are available in their companies. That means that the agencies do all the legwork required.

Among the most tiring jobs that an employers has to do is to look for resumes of possible employees who can fill the vacancies. This is a backbreaking task since you would have to sort through multiple resumes in search for the most qualified applicants. Once this is done interviews should be scheduled for the qualified applicants. This is easy to do for employment agencies since they have a database of updated resumes that they can just pull up so that employers can choose and set up interviews right away. Services of employment agencies may also be adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the employers. For instance, there are companies that only like to have a couple of resumes to interview and the rest of the application process should be handled by the staff of the company. Some of these include interviews, second screening, background checks, and many others. It is also possible for any company to let the employment agency handle all the tasks involved in looking for employees.

If  agencies are helpful for employers, it is also a boon for the jobseekers. If you are currently employed and would like to look for another job, you can get help from the employment agency while still earning.

Typically, employment agencies assist job seekers to look for either permanent or contract work.

Here’s a list of licensed employment agencies in Singapore:

employment agencies

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