Resume Writing Tips You Should Know From a Professional Recruitment Agency in Singapore!

Resume Writing Tips You Should Know From a Professional Recruitment Agency in Singapore!

Being a professional recruitment agency in Singapore that has helped various companies and many jobseekers found the right candidate and the right job, one of the most important qualities of a candidate is having a professional and detailed resume. A well-written resume can greatly increase a jobseeker’s chance of landing the right job. Keep scrolling for more resume writing tips.

Be clear of the purpose of your resume

Knowing the primary purpose of writing a resume is vital to prevent ending up with a long and boring profile. For instance, as a fresh graduate seeking for proper working experience, you should focus more on the educational background – what have you learned in the university, activities you have attended that shape who you are, instead of focusing on previous part time or freelance experiences you have. It is good to let the potential employer know you are diligent in working, however you might not want to elaborate too much on the irrelevant part time working experiences.

Use the right keywords for the position or industry you’re applying for

In fact, there are companies and job seeking platforms that enable employers to use keywords to seek for candidate’s profile. Hence, you might need to research what are the common terms or nouns that are related to your industry to increase the chance of your resume being searched. This does not mean that we encourage you to cheat, but not to miss out keywords relevant to your experience as well as keywords that employers looking for. For instance, you might not want to miss out the word ‘ERP’ if you are familiar with the system and you are applying for job in the logistic industry.

Use inverted pyramid writing style

Write the most important information in your resume and the least important ones in the end. Generally, your working experience is the most important part of the resume, for fresh graduates, education qualification is the most important element. That is our key rule, from a recruitment agency in Singapore perspective, as most employers pay the most attention to the beginning of your resume.

Proof read your resume, preferably by a professional recruitment agency in Singapore

Now you have prepared your resume and this is an essential step to proof read your resume. As resume is the first thing your potential employer sees before they meet you, your resume is your personal representation and your first impression. A small typo might prevent you from getting shortlisted for a job interview.

Last but not least, we wish you all the best in landing an ideal job!

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