The Roles That a Recruitment Agency Plays

The Roles That a Recruitment Agency Plays

It is usually through the employment agency that Singapore businesses ask help in the process of hiring short term employees or contract staff and also for screening or filtering the applicants for full-time long-term or permanent positions. It might appear to jobseekers that the job application is only handled by one single person, but the entire employment process is teamwork between the recruitment agency, the company owners and their officials, and of course those candidates for the permanent or contract positions available.

Let’s check into the entire process that recruitment agencies undergo. They usually divide the company into two groups: the first which is known as the Consultants would have to talk to the clients to ask for the requirements whether the vacancies are for permanent or contract or temporary positions. The second group which is known as the Resourcers would have to look for the right candidates that will fit the job vacancies needed by the clients.

It is through this division of labour that each member of the recruitment agency would be able to focus on different tasks. The Consultants would be able to build good rapport with the clients, get to know more about their business, as well as their usual concerns, and most especially the working environment which they want to have their employees to fit in. On the other hand, the Resourcers should be great in communicating with different types of people. They should be good at assessing which groups would go well, what their skills are, how their skills could grow over the years, and how reliable they may be to stay with the company for many years to come.

A typical recruitment agency process in searching for candidates can be found here

One thing that a recruitment agency should make sure of it is to keep its database updated. In this way, it won’t be difficult to fill in the vacant positions with the right individuals. They should also learn how to filter the workers who like to send in their resumes to them.

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