Singapore Employment Pass – Changing Criteria To Support Local Workforce

Singapore Employment Pass – Changing Criteria To Support Local Workforce

Singapore now employs the stick and carrot approach when assessing the application for Singapore employment pass. This is the major type of visa that is given to foreign professional managers, directors, and business owners of companies that operate in Singapore. The criteria for approving a Singapore employment pass will be varied based on more factors such as the proportion of foreigners under the company and whether they’re trying to recruit Singaporeans for job positions available in their organisations.

Minister of Manpower’s Point of View

The Ministry of Manpower will also look into the company’s contribution into the overall economy and society. Those companies that are weak in the three factors will have a hard time renewing their Singapore employment pass for their existing foreigners in the company and acquiring new Singapore employment pass for their new recruits. The minister of manpower, Lim Swee Say, said that the companies will have problems in its operations and growth when the ministry curtails their work pass privilege. This is the Singaporean’s response to the issue that more foreigners are snatching a lot of employment opportunities from Singaporeans themselves. Mr Lim said that this is being done not because they are anti-foreigners but because they are trying to avoid the deepening of the local-foreign divide within Singapore’s workforce.

Building The Singaporean Workforce

On the other hand, those companies that tend to grow their Singaporean workforce will not have any problems bringing in more foreign experts who will be able to transfer their expertise to local managers, professionals, and executives. The ministry considers the foreigners’ background such as his/her qualifications, salaries, and experience when they are assessing the Singapore Employment Pass applications. The significance of preserving the employment of Singaporeans in the workforce was highlighted during the budget debate. According to the minister, building a strong Singaporean core is one of the major priorities of the ministry.

The minister also mentioned about the employment watchdog known as the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (Tafep). They have a huge responsibility of investigating and recommending to the ministry employers who have to be placed on the watch list. The minister said that there are about 100 firms on the list now.

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