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The Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) will be rolling out a new Jobs Bank in the middle of 2014. The new Jobs Bank will have functions to facilitate job search, submit online application and set job alerts for job seekers. Employers are able to search and shortlist registered job seekers for hiring needs.

If you require further job and training assistance, please approach a career centre in your district. (Click here to view location of career centres).

For information on occupational salary, please click here to view the Report on Wages by the Ministry of Manpower.

What is Jobs Bank?

The Jobs Bank is the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s new public job portal to facilitate online job matching between local job seekers and employers. It is a self-help platform and will also support WDA’s career services and allow WDA to reach out a wider pool of local job seekers beyond its career centres.

The Jobs Bank is currently in its beta trial phase. The beta trial is part of WDA’s on-going efforts to involve the public in the development of the Jobs Bank prior to its launch. This trial offers the opportunity for invited employers and individuals to test the Jobs Bank and provide feedback on how WDA can improve on the user-friendliness of the portal.

Who can benefit from the Jobs Bank?

INDIVIDUALS – The Jobs Bank will be a simple and user-friendly portal that will serve the employment needs for local job seekers from various worker segments.

EMPLOYERS – All employers are welcomed to advertise directly on the Jobs Bank as we seek to develop it into a useful resource for your hiring needs.

THIRD PARTY ENTITIES – The Jobs Bank will allow third party entities such as Singapore employment agencies, private job portals and companies which offer outsourced human resource services, etc. to advertise on the Jobs Bank on behalf of their clients. These third party entities will have to declare on the Jobs Bank the companies which they are advertising for.

The Ministry of Manpower’s Fair Consideration Framework

The Jobs Bank will support the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s Fair Consideration Framework. From 1 August 2014, the Jobs Bank will also be used by employers applying for MOM’s Employment Pass to fulfil the advertising requirements under MOM’s Fair Consideration Framework. This will help reinforce expectations for employers to consider Singaporeans fairly for job opportunities.

General information on the Jobs Bank

1.What are the costs involved for employers or individuals to use the Jobs Bank?
The Jobs Bank is a free service provided to all Singapore-registered companies and local job seekers (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents).

2.Who can access the Jobs Bank?
As a public website, information on the Jobs Bank can be viewed by all its visitors. However, only local job seekers (Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents) or Singapore-registered companies will be able to create a user account on the Jobs Bank to access additional features.
•All local individuals (Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents) with a valid SingPass account can register for an account to manage online job applications on the Jobs Bank.
•All Singapore-registered companies with a valid Unique Entity Number (UEN) can register for an account on the Jobs Bank to post job vacancies to support their hiring objectives. (Companies can find out more about their UEN at

3.When is the beta trial and what is its purpose?
The beta trial is part of WDA’s on-going efforts to involve the public in the development of the Jobs Bank prior to its launch. It will take place from May to June 2014.

The beta trial offers an opportunity for invited employers and individuals to test the Jobs Bank and provide feedback on how WDA can improve on the user-friendliness of the portal. WDA will make regular refinements during the beta trial period as we gather more user feedback on the portal.


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Awkward CV

The Most Awkward CV Mistakes

By: Rebecca Lewis, Global
Published: Feb 26, 2014
Global – Mistakes on resumes is part and parcel of the job for HR managers and recruiters, but it doesn’t make them any less funny.

A thread on Reddit asked users for their best stories of a time when something “cringeworthy” was written on a CV, application form or cover letter they received, and the answers were nothing short of hilarious.

Here are some of our favourites.

1. “I once got one that had a little note at the bottom which read “I am well trust worthy, you can ask ne of my mates!!!!!!!”

2. “I’ve been hiring people since 1995, and I’ve kept a “Wall of Shame” list for all the things I’ve seen. A selection:

interesting thing heard by singapore employment specialists

3. “You’d be amazed how many people will have email addresses like ‘pornstar69’ ‘sexeebeeatch420’ or some other dumb user name for their gmail account. If you can’t spend 5 min creating a firstname.lastname account, don’t be shocked when you don’t get the job.”

4. “Ive had one come to me… under strengths she mentioned ‘god fearing’ and under technical skill ‘windows’.”

5. “I’ve had a guy attach a two-page list of everything he had accomplished since the first grade. Examples include, but are not limited to: – 2nd place in fourth grade spelling bee – 3rd place in fifth grade math-a-thon – Honorable mention in eighth grade charity drive.”

6. “There was also one where a guy listed as a strength ‘I’m excellent at debating various issues, as evidenced by the fact that I constantly win arguments with my girlfriend’.”

7. “I actually had one person include a photo in their application package. The applicant was a 20 year old woman. The picture was her lying on a hotel bed (clothed, but very revealing) surrounded by liquor bottles.”

8. “One question on the application was, ‘What are your career objectives?’ to which the applicant wrote, ‘The sky’s the limit’.”

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