Local Staffing Services – Contract & Permanent Placement

Local Placement

Permanent Placement

local staffing servicesLocal staffing services  is our core business and our experienced consultants focus on sourcing for suitable skilled personnel such as Accountants, Accounts & Administrative Assistants, Secretarial, IT, Engineering, Sales & Marketing staff from our databank of job seekers.

We will screen, interview and shortlist candidates, thus saving your time interviewing candidates who do not meet your specifications. Our professional fees are competitive and usually contingency based, ie you pay only after the selected candidate has commenced employment with you.

To match candidates to specific job specifications, our specialist local staffing services consultants have in-depth understanding of the following industries :

  • Information Technology Services
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Hotel and Retail Services
  • Logistics & Shipping Services
  • Petroleum and Oil & Gas Exploration Industry
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Medical & Health Services
  • Aerospace Industry

Contract Staffing & Payroll Outsourcing

Contract staffing services either on temporary or long term basis is an increasing popular way of managing your headcount in a competitive and globalised business environment. Our contract staffing services and payroll outsourcing services will ease your headcount constraints as your contract staff will not appear in your payroll. This is particularly suitable if your company has to add additional headcount for a short period of time, or on project basis, but you do not wish to hire or unable to hire more local staffing on a permanent basis on your payroll.

We shall be responsible for salary and payroll matters of the contract staff and thus relieving your HR staff of the mundane and tedious tasks of managing payrolls.

Our contract local staffing services would include but not limited to:

  • maintenance of payroll and personal file for each contract staff
  • disbursements of monthly salary including payslip / advice
  • processing of NS-man claims and/or make-up pay
  • claims for government-paid maternity leave benefits
  • payments of appropriate CPF contributions and other statutory requirements such as  Skills Development Levy, CDAC, SINDA, MENDAKI Fund
  • administration of appropriate insurance policies such as workmen compensation insurance policy, hospitalisation and medical insurance policies
  • administration of medical and annual leave applications
  • processing and administration of overtime, medical claims etc
  • headcount summary and reporting
  • submissions/reporting of annual income tax

Outplacement Service and HR Consultancy

Outplacement is the process of facilitating a terminated employees transition by providing company paid assistance. Outplacement Services help those through this challenge by dealing with the uncertainties about the future and helping them to re-enter the job market. It is an affirmative and humane approach to organizational change that allows everyone to emerge a winner. In most instances, there are actual savings in company finances, reputation, and business friendships as well as preservation of company morale and good will.

Outplacement is a successful strategy because it helps employees to:

  • Vent their feelings with an objective consultant rather than their own network.
  • Cope with feelings of shock, anger, loss and sadness leading to a lack of self worth.
  • Take practical steps to replace their income by finding a new career direction.
  • Raise their self-esteem by maintaining their focus on the future and shift it away from expensive lawsuits.

We provide experienced professionals with products and services that are specifically designed and targeted to their personal needs. Services include ways to manage the transition successfully through personal profiling testing to identify candidates’ unique skills and accomplishments, professional resume composition, market research techniques, networking, work search strategies, tips on effective and verbal communication, how to secure informational meetings, role play interviews and more ..

Our HR practitioners comprises of highly experienced HR consultants with specialist knowledge in various areas such as compensation and benefits survey, performance management evaluation, training needs analysis, and manpower planning etc. to undertake specific HR consultancy projects.