Tips on how to Avoid a Bad Recruitment Agency

Tips on how to Avoid a Bad Recruitment Agency

Are you on your way to find your dream job? Most people nowadays may find themselves in trouble when doing so, but not if you have a good Singapore registered recruitment agency to help you get there. Recruitment or Employment agencies are established to help both employers and job-seeker alike. They help employers hire a talent that meets their employer’s requirements. At the same time, they help job-seekers achieve their career aspirations.

But before you start hunting for recruitment agency in Singapore, there are things which you must keep an eye out for. For one, not all recruitment agencies are good for you. There are employment agencies who often had bad practices which may lessen your chances of finding a good job. That’s why we have come up with a few tips on how to find a better recruitment agency for you.

The first thing you will naturally look for in a recruitment agency is license, and it is a good thing. This gives you an assurance that the employment agency is truly permitted to operate. Another thing to avoid are recruitment agencies that tend to push other careers onto you. There are employment agencies that either not heed their employer’s requirements or simply do not understand the needs of the company hiring.

This means that they may tend to list you as a candidate for a position which you did not ask for, and lure you into a job which you do not even want. Remember that a recruitment employment agency‘s main job is to make sure that you will find a position that suits your career aspirations, so think twice when they start suggesting other positions to you.

At JobPlus, we make sure that employers and job-seekers are satisfied by making both ends meet and ensuring that company positions and your career aspirations are perfectly matched. That’s why we have these are few tips to help you avoid recruitment agencies with bad practices, and help you get the services that you truly need.

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