Tips From A Recruitment Agency in Singapore: Practical Job Interview Tips Every Jobseeker Should Know

Tips From A Recruitment Agency in Singapore: Practical Job Interview Tips Every Jobseeker Should Know

So you have impressed an employee or company with your resume and experiences or academic qualifications – You received interview invitations from them. Moving to the stage of preparing for your job interview, below are some practical and most important tips that we, a professional recruitment agency in Singapore, feel are important for every jobseeker to master.

#1 Do homework on the job position, employer and company’s background

Having a solid foundation on the job opportunity is the first step towards a successful job interview. A sincere candidate should make some time to do some research on the job requirements and the company background to show the interviewer that you are well prepared for the interview. Knowing the job requirement and understanding the basic of the job responsibility is vital in order to secure the right job. In fact, the better you know about the job and the company, the better you could answer to the the interview questions. There are various ways to find relevant information of the job and the company – Company’s official website, social media, job seeking websites and published collaterals. With the advanced technology, you should be able to find information that you need, especially with the help of a professional recruitment agency in Singapore.

#2 Prepare answers and responses for some common interview questions

There are common and typical interview questions that you can expect from an interview – Introducing yourself, your weaknesses and strengths, how do you see your future and so on. Even though there might not be asked during the interview, it is best to start with commonly asked questions as good preparation will make you feel more confident.

#3 Top Tip from a recruitment agency in Singapore:  Be presentable during the interview

Wear formal and appropriate attire during the interview as first impression is imperative to make or break an interview. Wear clean and ironed clothes and keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum. Make warm greetings and be polite to every staff you meet. Be early for the interview, smile and make eye contact with the interviewer(s). During the interview, do not forget about the body language. While eye contact and proper hand gesture is good, excessive gestures considered as poor body language that will be a distraction and could be a reason not be shortlisted.

In conclusion, take job interview as if you are selling yourself and treat your interviewer as your client. You will want to do more homework about your client so that you could sell a product successfully. But before you land a job, consider going to an employment agency in Singapore to get you the right interview and employer.


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