Tips in Job Search: Making Use of Employment Agencies

Tips in Job Search: Making Use of Employment Agencies

A recruitment agency in Singapore is inclined to have a lot of occupation postings you could not see online or in the newspaper. An employment agency could always stand as a link between you and a potential employer since most of the employers put their trusts on employment agency recruiters because they believe that the agencies will just definitely denote them the best possible candidates for the vacant jobs. The following are just some tips that will provide you an insight on what to expect if ever you have decided to make use of employment agencies in your job search.

The first one is that, if ever you passed your resume to an employment agency and have not heard anything, it would be advisable for you to make a call to them in order to follow up and find out if they have obtained your job resume. You can also ask about where they have given your resume and inquire if they have received any feedback from the employer. However, do not be a nuisance that you would call the agency every day. It would just annoy the representative and will reflect poorly on you.

Next is that, laying down your resume several employment agencies is fine, however, you should always let each agency know that you are contacting other agencies aside from. This could motivate an agency to work tougher to contract you a job. Then the last one is that, the employment agency works for the employer who is looking for qualified candidates, not you. The agency representative is simply the “middleman” between you and possible employers. The employment agencies earn a fee, paid by the employer, when they successfully fill the position by referring the best candidate.

Staffing and employment agencies can be a great way to network your way into a new job. They have access to jobs that you might not be able to find on the net – jobs are often so time sensitive that employers fill them before they are even posted.


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