The Top Qualities of Recruitment Agency in Singapore

The Top Qualities of Recruitment Agency in Singapore

Have you been looking for a partner to make a huge difference in the manpower-related aspects of your firm? If so, then it would be advisable to consider the top qualities of a recruitment agency in Singapore. You may also feel free to add in more of your specific needs, so you can find the most fitting provider for your organization.

Here are some of the characteristics which you may consider when it comes to a prospective recruitment agency in Singapore:

A comprehensive set of services

You will need an ally who specializes and is an expert in many major aspects related to recruitment. These must include Local Staffing Services, whether you may need Contractual or Permanent Placement.

Another expertise which they must have would be Foreign Manpower or international staffing services. Your top recruitment agency in Singapore should also be well-versed when it comes to preparing the related documents of your employees, to make sure their place at the workforce and in your company would be settled.

Some other major services which your potential recruitment agency in Singapore must have would be Employment Pass and Work Pass Application, Contract Staff and Payroll Management Services and HR Consultancy Services.

Industrial Specializations

When it comes to picking a recruitment agency in Singapore, you will need to work with a provider which can handle the ins and outs of the details related to your industry. These include IT and Technical, Manufacturing and Engineering, Banking and Finance, Hotel and Retail, Logistics and Shipping, Petroleum and Oil Exploration plus many more.

A Network of International Bases

You’ll also need to ensure you’ll have a provider which provides you with a global perspective,when it comes to getting the best in the world. This is why as you consider a top recruitment agency in Singapore, it would be a huge plus for them to have offices in other countries such as India, Shanghai, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Read up on the Clients’ Testimonials of the Recruitment Agency in Singapore

To gauge the level of service you’ll receive from a prospective recruitment agency in Singapore, it would be advisable to read about their current and previous clients. Check about their levels of satisfaction, and the extent of commitment they can provide for your organization.

These are just some of the qualities you must consider in a recruitment agency in Singapore. Be sure to add more of your other requirements so you can make the most of your upcoming partnership.

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