Workforce Singapore – The difference to private Employment agencies in Singapore

Workforce Singapore – The difference to private Employment agencies in Singapore

In addition to Employment agencies in Singapore, Workforce Singapore is another body which could provide good opportunities for job seekers and employees. It facilitates the way of finding new jobs. Besides employers can search for good employees.

Workforce Singapore (WSG) is a statutory board connected to the Ministry of Manpower. In general it is meant to follow the development and competition of the manpower market. The focus of the mission and vision of Workforce Singapore is to train and assist Singaporean individual job seekers as well as fulfill the manpower needs of employers.  The end result of the effort of WSG is a satisfying career for Singaporeans with good employers.

Offer for Job Seekers

The Workforce Singapore provides training from different bidders and contractors including self-sponsered or employer-sponsored training grants. Moreover employment assistance includes

  • Career Matching Services with professional coaching and workshops
  • specific events on career opportunities
  • enable all job seekers to make use of courses which are eligible under SkillsFuture Credit or private schools
  • latest programmes like Career Support Programme, Career Trial or Enhanced Internhips

Offer for Employers

To train employees, Workforce Singapore is also supporting the needs of Singaporean companies, e.g.

WSG or private Employment agencies in Singapore?

To put it in a nutshell, Workforce Singapore is trying to strengthen the skills of employees as well as serve employers’ manpower needs. Their aim is similar to private Employment agencies in Singapore. Furthermore both want to accomplish a good match between job seekers and employers. The main focus runs to gain individual career aspiration and high standards of employee treatment for companies. In addition, Employment agencies in Singapore can benefit from the increased pool of qualified workers in Singapore.

Job seekers do not have to be afraid of reprisal or any discrimination in connection with reporting on possible irregularities regarding Workforce Singapore.

If there persist any interest on the above, please contact Workforce Singapore here.

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