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It is common for employers in Singapore to outsource and engage recruitment and employment agencies in their hiring process. There are many types of employment agencies in Singapore and they are also differentiated by their difference licence types issued by the Ministry of Manpower.

Some licence types such as “comprehensive” licence allow the recruitment and employment agencies to recruit local and foreigners while some only restrict recruitment to local staff only. The differentiation can also be by salary levels for example, recruiters with “select” licence can only recruit candidates earning monthly salaries in excess of SGD4.5k only.

The highest form of recruitment agency business is typically known as executive search firm. Such agencies undertakes hard to fill and very niche roles. The word “search” is used as these firms focus a lot of its effort and resources in searching for inactive candidates who are not necessarily looking for a job. These candidates are considered as talent who are usually in high demand and it is not common for them to be actively looking for a job.

Due to the myriads of business and recruitment focus, inevitably the fees being charged by recruitment agencies in Singapore vary. The hiring companies engage the services of one or several agencies and agrees with each of them on the terms of engagement or what is also commonly known as “terms and conditions of placements”.

Depending the types and nature of roles being placed, the recruitment fees can range from between 1 to 2 months of the salaries OR a % percentage of the annual salaries of the selected candidate.

For search assignments that requires extensive search and time to conclude, the fees being charged can range from 18% to 25% of the candidates’ annual salaries.

The services of a recruitment agencies are typically sought by employers to screen, sort and pre-interview relevant and suitable candidates first. In Singapore, the hiring managers or human resource staff typically approach recruiters from recruitment agencies to assist them with the hiring process.

The clients would first provide it’s requirements to the recruitment agencies.  Then, terms of engagement of engagement are agreed usually based on contingency method i.e. the recruitment and employment agencies get paid once they are successful in sourcing and introducing the right candidate to fill the vacancies assigned to them to fill. Employers do not incur any recruitment cost or pay any fees until a hiring is confirmed or candidate is secured.

This is an attractive and popular method of recruitment as each employer can be served by not only one but several recruitment agencies at one time thus increasing the likelihood of filling the vacancies.

Employers should:
1.Evaluate and Discuss the current job market for local talent with recruitment agencies;
2.Scope up the job requirements;
3.Write a job description;
4.Work with a Singapore recruitment agency specialising in hiring local talent.
If you are looking to hire talent especially locals in Singapore, our professional recruiters can help. Just complete our hiring request form today and we’ll be in touch.

There are more 3,000 recruitment agencies in Singapore with various types of licences. Notwithstanding licence types possess, each recruitment agencies in Singapore normally have a different focus and niches in their business practice. Some are primarily focus in sourcing for foreign workers, while many primarily recruit locals blue and/or white collars staff.
Apart from the above, there are also differentiation in terms of skills type and industry types. Some agencies may specialize in certain skills sets or industry categories while others may not have any specific industry focus. This does not matter as the search skills is what employers should be looking for.
For local talent in all types of technical and professional fields, employers should look for agencies such as JobPlus Employment & Recruitment Agencies with possess a “Comprehensive” licence.
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Our team offers employers’ only services for Singapore HR and recruitment agencies including outsourced contract staffing as Employer of Record (EOR), Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) , staffing and placement of permanent staffing especially for Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents.

In addition, we provide other HR related solutions, such as Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Work Pass Application, HR Consultancy and Payroll Processing Service.

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The process of sourcing and hiring new employees whether it is for growth or replacement of departing staff can be cumbersome, time consuming, and frustrating process. Employers typically need to screen through volumes of applicants, many of whom are not suitable for the vacancies which they are trying to fill.

Singapore is a developed and open economy with English as it’s working language. Due to this factor, many foreign and international job seekers find it much easier to access it’s labour market. As high as every 2 out of 3 applicants for each job vacancy can be applied by foreigners.

If employers are looking for a specific talent or skills set especially from a local candidate, a good Singapore recruitment agencies can play an important role with screening, sourcing and recommending suitable candidates thus reducing the recruitment cycle time.

We do not provide career advisory or job searching service for job seekers.
While we do accept CVs via our contact us form, Job seekers should submit their resumes to various job portals in Singapore such as,, and many other job matching platforms. These job portals are partners to many Singapore recruitment agencies.

Job seekers can also find jobs through professional social media sites like


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“We are thankful for your prompt and effective service in sourcing for a suitable project manager for us.”

Dennis Lim

CEO, PDM International

“We are satisfied with the commitment and excellent customer service provided by Jobplus for our recruitment needs.”

Martin Tando

Resourcing Manager, Asia.
Celestica Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“We are impressed especially by your consultant, Mr Lee for his skills in searching the right talent for us.”


Human Resource Manager (SEA), NXP Semiconductors

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