Payroll Management in Singapore | Reasons to Get Outsourced Services

Type of work involved in Payroll Management Service The payroll refers to a list of employees that are currently being hired and paid for their work by the relevant employer. However, when one speaks of “Payroll Management Service”, they most commonly refer to the administrative menial work involved in managing a company’s monthly payment towards its

Business Case for Payroll & Staff Outsourcing Service

With the advent of technology, companies are increasingly looking at ways particularly payroll outsourcing to leverage and improve their business efficiency and productivity. In the area of human resource management, outsourcing payroll is one activity which provides a clear benefit in human resource practices. Below are several reasons why companies should consider outsourcing their monthly payroll process. Increasing

Alternative Work Passes to Singapore Employment Pass – S Pass , Work Permit and Letter of Consent to Work

In the situation where a foreign applicant is not eligible for the Singapore Employment Pass work visa, he or she can explore other forms of work passes to work in Singapore. For example, foreigners may be able to qualify for S Pass work visa which requires a lower salary, academic qualification and skills criterions. The